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Fluquadri Flu Vaccine Available for Your Practice

Team Med offers an extensive selection of medical supplies and equipment for medical practitioners and centres, including the latest flu vaccinations. Whether you are a qualified healthcare professional administering the flu vaccination at a workplace, community group or in a medical practice, the range of flu vaccines available from Team Med should have your needs met. We carry the Fluquadri flu vaccine and the Fluquadri junior flu vaccine, the Fluarix Tetra Quadrivalent vaccine and the Afluria Quad flu vaccine.

Each flu vaccine is administered for the prevention of influenza caused by the influenza virus, types A and B which are contained in the vaccine. These vaccinations are available for purchase in small orders and in bulk supply. If your clinic requires supply and stock of the Fluarix Tetra Quadrivalent, Fluquadri and Afluria Quad flu vaccines for the upcoming flu season, browse our range of available vaccinations online today.

An extensive range of flu vaccines at competitive prices

At Team Medical Supplies, not only do we offer an extensive selection of flu vaccines and other necessary vaccinations, but we also stock everything you need to aptly stock your medical centre or practice. From medical equipment, diagnostic tools and medical furniture to surgical instruments and general medical supplies, you'll find all you need to run your medical practice in one place.

Since 2011, we have worked hard to become the leading nationwide distributer and medical wholesaler for qualified medical practitioners in Australia. We're proud to offer exceptional product knowledge and industry expertise, paired with quality service and the most competitive prices across the board.

Our knowledgeable team will answer your flu vaccine questions

Do you have any questions regarding our supply of the Fluquadri flu vaccine, Fluarix Tetra Quadrivalent vaccine and the Afluria Quad flu vaccine? Then please contact our knowledgeable team today.

Get in touch with Team Med by calling 1300 224 450, by emailing us at, or by using our simple live chat service in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.