Have you met all of our teams? Who do you know well and who have you only heard stories about? You can click through our national team of locals to meet us all. And yes, it is all of our teams because at Team Medical, everyone belongs and plays a role in getting your orders to you.


Your Expert Partner

Team Medical has one of the largest Sales Teams in the country, with team members on the road across six states and territories. Many of our account managers have been in the healthcare industry for decades, bringing a wealth of experience. Others have journeyed through our company, bringing product knowledge and a deep passion for service. Together, they have created a highly experienced group of trusted advisors. Continually drawing from each other’s experiences and knowledge to give you, our customers, the best solutions. They are a team we’re genuinely proud of!


Champions of Customer Service

From day one, Team Medical has promised to provide the best customer service in the industry. Because you, our customers, deserve the best. Our Customer Service Team is renowned for their commitment to service excellence. They have an excellent understanding of all our processes and regular product and system training for continued knowledge development. Ensuring they are equipped to answer almost any customer questions. We value our Customer Service Champions, located across the country, allowing fast response times for all customers. In addition, our team offers personalised service; they are here to listen to and support you.


Leading the way with experience, diversity, ambition and fun

To lead a growing team and business takes a strong team with the right mix of professional skills. Their diverse knowledge and insights help lay the groundwork for a highly productive team. Our management team collaborates and innovates in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. With plenty of ambition and commitment to our continued success, our management team keeps each other on their toes. As a team, we are keen to succeed in spreading our culture focused on people first and service excellence, while creating solutions to build a healthier world. Of course, with lots of fun along the way.


The Engine Room

Nothing can happen without prompt deliveries, good logistics and dedicated people. We understand efficient systems are key to smooth operations. We are constantly advancing our warehouse processes to ensure quick turnaround times for all customers. Our warehouse teams are committed to going the extra mile. We aim to deliver on time and without errors. Getting things done right the first time around benefits our team and more importantly our customers.


Seamless Account Management

Flexibility and efficiency are essential when looking after our customers’ accounts. We pride ourselves on ensuring that customer and supplier accounts are set up and transact smoothly. Dedicated and focused, our Accounts Team makes looking after more than 10,000 accounts look seamless. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with them for any account related questions.


Flexible and Focused

Our Marketing Team enjoys putting together quality material for our industry. They are responsible for our catalogues, specials, websites, conferences, social media and events. Our marketeers are often at the forefront of creating and executing projects that enhance your customer experience.


Procurement Specialists

Our Purchasing Team has stepped up to the challenge of our fast-growing company. Procuring stock for six warehouses from over 350 suppliers is not an easy task. We think our purchasing team makes it look simple. Their dedication is the key to our low backorder rates on customer orders.


Delivering Practical Solutions

We understand that technology is vital for smooth business operations and customer demand. Having an in-house IT Team allows our business to quickly adapt with the demands of our customers. We create customised solutions when needed.