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Our cryotherapy pens provide a cost-effective and simple-to-use solution for the treatment of skin lesions. This advanced cryosurgery technology delivers an ultra-cold jet of high-pressure nitrous oxide to the affected area using a small and ergonomic pen-like device. As a result, there is no destruction of biological function and very minimal scar formation. Offering flexible treatment options and pinpoint accuracy, a cryotherapy pen is a highly safe and effective way to get great results for your patients.

Dermapen/Cryopen 8g Cartridges
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Cryosuccess with 1mm Tip 1 x 23g Cartridge
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Cryosuccess 4mm Tip
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Cryocuccess 1mm Tip
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Explore our Range of Cryotherapy Pens for Sale

Medical practitioners throughout Australia will appreciate the ease of removing skin tags, age spots and warts with Team Med's selection of cryotherapy pens for sale. Choose from the popular Cryosuccess Device, which is suitable for almost all skin types and boasts extremely precise application, or the Dermapen Cryo, which comes with two applicator tips for different-sized lesions.

In addition to cryotherapy pens, we also stock a wide selection of RELATED ACCESSORIES, including pen tips, disposable cartridges and protective cases. Depending on your purchase, cryotherapy pen accessories can be used for special applications in gynaecology, proctology, urology, plastic surgery, dentistry, podiatry and aesthetics, thereby making this device an extremely versatile tool for medical practitioners.

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