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Oral Cholera Vaccine Available Online, Shipped Australia Wide

Are you providing vaccinations for Aussies who travel to areas still affected by cholera? When you restock your vaccines and other medical supplies, you want to know that you are buying them from a reliable source, at the lowest possible prices, and that it will arrive on-time and in perfect condition.

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Vaxchora Oral (Cholera) Vaccine

What is cholera?

Cholera is a waterborne disease that causes severe diarrhea and can lead to dehydration and death if left untreated. It is caused by ingesting water or food contaminated with a bacterium called Vibrio cholerae. While cholera is hardly present in Australia (2-6 cases per annum), it is still a major health concern in numerous developing countries across the globe, especially in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. With more and more Australians traveling to countries off the beaten track, it becomes important for medical centres across the country to stock cholera vaccines and other necessary vaccinations, to help keep them safe.

How does the cholera vaccine work?

The Dukoral' cholera vaccinations work by triggering the body to produce its own protection against cholera. This is done by triggering the propagation of antibodies in the intestine wall. This way, if the patient ingests cholera contaminated water or food, the body has a much higher chance of fighting it off and thus avoiding a potentially lethal infection. As the vaccine cannot be taken if the patient has a high temperature, and it takes two weeks after the first vaccination to become fully effective, it's important that you and your patients plan their vaccinations accordingly leading up their travels.

Team Med is Australia's largest and most trusted online distributor of vaccinations and other medical equipment to medical practitioners and medical centres across the country. If you are looking for a reliable and price competitive provider of the cholera vaccine and more, who will ship safely and efficiently to your door Australia-wide, get in touch with our team today on 1300 22 44 50.