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Dermlite DL3 Products Delivered Throughout Australia

Dermlite is the world's best-selling dermatoscope, designed to combine the advantages of cutting-edge technology with ease of use. The device is created by 3Gen, a leading design and development company in the industry of medical products and imaging technology across the world. Dermlite devices are non-invasive and assist with inspection and classification of skin lesions, diagnosis of melanoma and other areas of dermatology.

Team Med supplies a range of DL3 products and accessories to suit your every need. We also offer smartphone and tablet accessories that attach to your dermascope and combine with downloadable software to offer a variety of functions.


Dermlite Ice caps

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Dermlite Lumio UV handheld

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Dermlite II Hybrid M

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Dermlite foto II pro

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Dermlite dl3n iphone 5/5s adaptor

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Dermlite Lumio skin viewer handheld

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Why order Dermlite DL3 devices and accessories from us?

We are an independent, family-owned MEDICAL DISTRIBUTOR supplying equipment to medical centres, hospitals, general practitioners, specialists and other medical professionals and facilities throughout Australia.

Our focus is on providing high-quality products, competitive prices and the highest standards of customer service. You can buy from us and have your Dermlite DL3 product delivered anywhere in Australia with full peace of mind.

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