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Return Request

Before submitting, please be aware of our return policy below:

Where we (the supplier), is at fault:

We will accept and cover all costs for return requests. This includes a faulty/damaged product on arrival, we sent the wrong item, or we failed to send an item altogether.

Where the customer has made an ordering error or changed their mind, and the item is a returnable item:

There will be a re-stocking fee and the total return value must be greater than $50.00. This is because re-stocking fees start at $35.00 and move upwards depending on product size/type and customer location. This fee is to cover time and return/freight costs, and therefore it is not worth returning low value items. It is best you dispose of them or store them in case you use them one day. You can still submit a request; however, it is unlikely to be accepted if the item(s) are below $50.00.

Where the customer has made an ordering error or changed their mind, and the item is a non-returnable item:

Most likely this product cannot be returned for credit. However, in some circumstances we have discretion to be flexible. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to have this type of returned reviewed, please still submit your return.

What are non-returnable items?

Non-returnable items include equipment, drugs, vaccines (cold-chain) and special buy in items. Most standard consumables are returnable (over 90% of items). Due to the sensitivity of health care products and the requirements for them to meet the highest quality standards, we only allow items for return where we are 100% confident they are ok for resale. This is why certain products are non-returnable. As always, if we are at fault, regardless if the product is returnable or non-returnable, we will accept and cover all costs of a return.

Even if your return falls under non-returnable, you can still submit a return request for review, however, it is unlikely to be accepted.

Please complete the below details to submit a request to return products or for a request for credit.