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There are no two ways about it: a hospital or medicinal clinic simply cannot operate without high quality hand hygiene products. This is especially so in the winter months where people coming in and out of the practice are consistently exposed to harmful germs and bacteria. More hospitals and clinics are putting in place necessary hand hygiene products as they go a long way to ensuring these germs and bacteria are not spread throughout patients and staff. We've all experienced a workplace environment where people get sick one after the other, just imagine the potential of this in a hospital or medical clinic - it's disastrous.

Team Medical Supplies has an extensive collection of hand & body wash solutions for the hospitals and medical clinics of Australia. We provide delivery throughout Australia and are available for contact if you have any enquiries about our products.

Our range of hygiene solutions

We have a comprehensive list of hygiene products available for purchase at our online store. Our range includes: General Hand & Body Wash: Perfect for hospitals and general practices, these solutions can be easily dispensed and greatly increase the hygiene of the practice. Surgical Hand Wash: Necessary for surgical procedures, these solutions provide an extra level of sanitation for surgeons.

Moisturisers: Moisturising lotions are perfect for providing an extended level of protection from the spread of germs and harmful bacteria. Dispensers: Perfect for hospitals and medical clinics, having Dispensers allows the ability to set up stations for where staff, patients and visitors can easily apply sanitising lotion to their hands. If you have found a particular sanitary product for your practice at Team Medical Supplies but would like to find out more before purchase, feel free to get in contact with us by calling 1300 224 450 or fill out an enquiry form. We'll get back to you with all the information you require.