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Cholesterol, INR & Blood Glucose Monitors

Choose the most precise equipment for your home or business. Team Medical has an extensive catalogue of monitoring systems helping physicians better serve their patients and private individuals better know their bodies. General practitioners, specialists and private citizens with diabetes will appreciate the fast, accurate readings provided by our range of glucose monitoring machines. When you're required by your doctor to test multiple times a day, we encourage individuals to choose from the range of monitors in our selection and ensure you have the support you need.

We can also provide a range of INR and cholesterol monitoring machines suitable for both use in clinics and by patients with a range of conditions and therapies, HELPING EVERYONE MAKE INFORMED CHOICES ABOUT THEIR HEALTH. To better meet the needs of our diverse clientele, we provide monitoring systems with different features from a range of manufacturers, so more people can find one compatible with their needs. We can also provide single-use devices such as lancets, as well as a range of test strips and accessories for our systems.

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Make the right choice for your organisation or your body and choose from the range of supplies provided by Team Medical. With an extensive range spanning more than 100,000 products and hundreds of reputable, internationally-used brands, we have something to meet every need.

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