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Foetal Dopplers & Ankle-Brachial Index Monitor

Make the right choice for your health or the health of your patients. Team Medical offers a range of doppler monitoring systems suitable for use in a variety of clinical settings. Whether for monitoring foetal heart rates during pregnancy or looking for evidence of arterial disease, our doppler scanners help individuals better understand their or their patient's body. Accurate measurement with an ankle-brachial index monitor can give early indication that the patient is suffering from peripheral artery disease, potentially opening the door to more treatment options. Especially for smokers or people with high cholesterol or blood pressure and peripheral artery disease.

Early diagnosis can mean that lifestyle changes can improve outcomes without the need for medication or surgery. The range of foetal doppler systems for sale at Team Medical are useful for both clinical and home use. While originally used exclusively by obstetricians, many parents-to-be are investing in these items to help them forge an early connection to their child. Being able to visualise your baby's heartbeat can be an excellent way for you and your partner to bond in anticipation of the birth. Our foetal dopplers are available at a range of price points, making this an affordable option for more parents.

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