Have you heard about our Wound Care Masterclasses?

In 2023, we launched a series of Wound Care Masterclasses featuring the renowned expert, Hayley Ryan. Following the success of our first two pilots in Newcastle and Port Macquarie, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. It has inspired us to spread the joy of our fun and interactive masterclasses to various locations across the country.

So far we have been to Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, North Sydney and Western Sydney.

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Our very first masterclass! Everyone was a bit nervous, but everything went really smoothly. Thanks, Hayley, for the informative presentation and our marketing team, for running such a great event.

Port Macquarie

Our Wound Care masterclass in Port Macquarie was a success! Medical professionals from the nearby regions enjoyed a great and friendly atmosphere throughout the event. It was a fantastic learning experience, covering a wide range of wound care topics. Don’t just take our word for it – read the glowing testimonials below!


Brisbane was our first masterclass where we brought together over 100 medical professionals. Everyone had a lot of fun and learned almost everything there is to know about wound care. Okay, maybe not everything, but definitely A LOT : ) See for yourself – check out some of the testimonials below.

Gold Coast

After Brisbane, we took off to the Gold Coast. One of the best things about our masterclasses is that you get to meet our sales team in person. They’re always there to help and answer your questions. So, during the breaks, everyone enjoyed getting some samples from the Team Medical stand and interacting with our friendly team. It was a fantastic opportunity to see our products up close and learn more about how they can benefit your practice.

North Sydney

Our last masterclasses of the year were held in Sydney, with one of the venues overlooking the magnificent Harbour Bridge. What could be better than relishing the breathtaking views while dedicating a full day to learning and networking with your peers?

Western Sydney

Here’s our final destination – Western Sydney. Throughout the year, we’ve had an incredible time conducting our Wound Care Masterclasses in six different locations across the country. The experiences and insights gained have empowered us, and we’re excited and well-prepared to start a new chapter in the coming year.

Join us as we continue to expand our reach, share knowledge, and make a positive impact in the field of wound care. Together, let’s make the next year even more successful and fulfilling!