A nebuliser machine helps patients breathe medicine in through a fine mist. By inhaling through a mouthpiece or mask, there is little activity required for the patient in order to take medicine that aids particular conditions. If you work in a medical centre, nebulisation can be a powerful treatment technique, but there are some points to consider before you buy nebuliser machines for your centre.

Team Medical Supplies have many excellent nebulisers for sale, Australia-wide, and in this article, we break down what they do and who may need a nebuliser machine.

What is a nebuliser?

Nebuliser machines are electronic devices that turn medicine in liquid form into a spray or mist that patients can inhale simply by breathing in. They’re commonly used when large amounts of medicine are required in place of an inhaler that might be an inadequate form of treatment.

Various patients with different needs can use a nebuliser for their medicine intake. It can turn many different solutions, from saltwater to antibiotics, into an inhalable mist. They can also be used to assist in sinus-clearing, dissolve the thickness of mucus and clear phlegm so the throat and nose areas can be coughed up easily.

How does a nebuliser work?

These machines instantly transform liquid medicine into breathable particles of mist for a fast and effective medicinal treatment. They do this by:

  1. A compressor device forces air through the liquid medicine as the machine is operated.
  2. As oxygen or air enters through the system, it turns the liquid into a mist. The mist contains fine enough articles for patients to inhale.
  3. As the person breathes in, the mist within the system is drawn into their respiratory system from the mouthpiece or mask and the compressor helps pump the medication mist into the lungs.

Who may need a nebuliser?

Nebulisers are a great device for treating anyone as they can be one of the least strenuous methods of medication intake. When patients are in an emergency or physically demanding situation, nebulisers can be critical to providing the required medicine.

They’re an invaluable machine for children who suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma or other conditions that impinge on their respiratory system. They can assist patients suffering from breathlessness, wheezing, tightness in the chest or phlegm and mucus build-up. When inhalers aren’t working correctly or an asthma attack or flareup has occurred, nebuliser machines may be needed to treat the issue.

Handheld inhalers have other limitations, like when patients are suffering from an illness or infection. In these times, they may require a larger dose of medicine than the inhaler can provide, which a nebuliser can administer quickly. The design of the machine means patients can often inhale their required amount of medicine in one breath. They can also be used for longer lengths of time and allow the medicine to flow into the lungs adequately. It’s a much more effective and safer device for treating problematic conditions.

Nebuliser Machine – Australia

Medical facilities, clinics and hospitals of all shapes and sizes will have different nebulisation requirements and need particular devices and accessories to provide an optimal service for their patients. For those looking to buy nebulisers Australia-wide, Team Medical Supplies stocks a wide collection of nebulisers designed and manufactured by leading Australian medical brands. Our nebuliser machines can ensure your facility maintains a high standard of equipment to effectively treat your patients. To learn more, contact a member of our team today by calling 1300 22 44 50, or enter your information into our online contact form.