While advancements in medicine over time has extended the lifespan of many Australians, it has brought about the issue of quality care for the ageing population. Now we are seeing higher demand in a range of healthcare sectors such as aged care, physiotherapy and nursing among others. For those seeking a long term, stable career that helps others, healthcare is an incredibly attractive industry to enter into.

So which job should you choose? Here are some of the healthcare jobs that are in the highest demand.

Aged Care Nurse

What better way to give back to your community than ensuring the final years of residents are as comfortable and happy as possible? As an aged care worker, it is up to you to look after the senior members of your community. Looking after both their medical and social needs, as well as being a point of contact and support for their families, this role can be quite demanding but is no doubt very rewarding too.

With the demand for aged care workers looking to double by the year 2020, this is a promising career path for those looking to enter into the healthcare industry. For those interested in this career, most positions usually require a Certificate III in Aged Care from TAFE.

General Practitioners (GPs)

General practitioners, or GPs as they are most commonly known, are the often the first point of call for patients in regards to any medical concern. Diagnosing and offering treatment solutions for a whole range of conditions and providing referrals to specialists when required, the role of the GP will always be in high demand – especially in rural areas.

Clinical Nurse

Working alongside doctors, clinical nurses are an integral part of the hospital system. Tending to patients by administering medicines, assisting medical staff to ensure quality care as well as comforting and acting as a point of call for family members makes the role of a clinical nurse a varied and sometimes stressful one.


As people reach the end of their working lives and enter retirement, the elderly experience a wide range of physical conditions that will need to be carefully managed by a professional. Of course, you may be in contact with patients of all ages which will only further ensure this is a job that will always have a high demand.