Eczema is a common issue for many, and combatting this skin issue can be a nuisance a lot of the time. although there are over the counter and prescription creams and solutions to manage eczema outbreaks, such as topical medications like corticosteroids and skin barrier creams, preventative measures can help significantly in ensuring outbreaks are avoided entirely.

The problem with eczema is that the root cause of the inflammation is still not known, which makes complete prevention difficult. Genes may play a role, as can a weak or vulnerable immune system, so nothing is guaranteed when it comes to outbreaks. In this blog, we give you some hints and tips to keep your skin in a great condition so as to potentially limit future outbreaks of eczema.

Keeping your skin healthy

It is the state of your skin that is the simplest cause of eczema. Keeping your skin well moisturised ensures that it can effectively block out bacteria or allergens that inevitably cause eczema. These foreign bodies can enter through cracked dry skin, or itchy skin that is being scratched. To avoid this, make sure to frequently moisturise so your skin is consistently moist – this is particularly important after getting out of the bath or shower. A humidifier can also go a long way to ensuring you’re not in a dry environment.

Use the right kinds of soap

If you’ve been putting up with itching and don’t know what the cause might be, consider any of the skin products you use on a daily basis – these can include soaps, moisturisers, body washes, laundry soaps and detergents, and any lotions. It’s a great idea to substitute any of these with a sensitive alternative (which have perfumes and dyes removed), which can go a long way to prevent skin irritation.

Manage stress and anxiety

Sufferers of eczema might not realise that daily stress is contributing significantly to their breakouts. Managing this stress is therefore not only very positive for your general wellbeing, but your eczema – all the more reason to relax! Massage therapy, long hot baths, and taking time to yourself can be highly beneficial in keeping your skin looking and feeling great.

Wear the right clothing

Although many might want to ignore it to keep wearing what they love, wearing the right clothes can also make sure your skin won’t break out as easily. Soft clothes that don’t rub too much against your skin can help significantly, as can avoiding certain fabrics that irritate your skin (such as wool).