Constrained Supply: Q-VAX® Vaccine (CSL9800101) & Q-VAX® Skin Test (CSL9960501)

CSL Seqirus is experiencing delays with the release of new batches of Q-VAX® Vaccine & Q-VAX® Skin Test and has put both products on supply constraint.

All orders must be submitted to CSL Seqirus for or consideration of fulfillment before we can accept and process the order. This may result in your order being partially fulfilled or a potential delay in delivery as CSL Seqirus works to ensure stock availability for all patients.

To start the ordering process, please complete the CSL Seqirus Request Form and email it to:

CSL Seqirus will assess new orders for Q-VAX® Vaccine & Q-VAX® Skin Test daily and supply will be manually allocated accordingly.

CSL Seqirus will then notify of Team Medical of the outcome. If your order is approved by CSL Seqirus, we will then accept and process your order.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.