Why Choose Medikro?

The Medikro range utilises the Medikro Spirometry Software. This system provides general practitioners the assurance of reliable results with an intuitive navigation, adjustable interpretation options and clear visualisation of results.This world class spirometry range were created as a result of a collaboration with NASA on two space expeditions.
All Medikro Spirometers come with an unrivalled lifetime warranty.



Medikro Primo is a professional and efficient PC-based spirometer designed for primary care.
Key Features:

  • Patient safety through disposable flow transducers providing security in infection control
  • Advanced analysis and multiple calculations of results
  • Better patient outcome through tracking development of variables, treatment effects and modifications
  • Patient progress reports saved automatically ensuring better tracking
  • Best Practice compatible
  • Measures: SVC, FIVC, FVC+FIVC and FIVC
  • 91 measured parameters/variables
  • Lifetime Warranty

Includes Learn Spirometry course.




Medikro Pro represents the state of the art performance in PC-based spirometry.
Includes all features of the Medikro Primo Plus:

  • Medikro’s Freddy the frog incentive, the only 3D incentive animation in the world
  • Temperature, pressure and humidity sensors track environmental conditions automatically and enable true realtime BTPS correction
  • Measures: SVC, FIVC, FVC+FIVC, FIVC, TV and MVV
  • Over 100 measured parameters/variables

Includes Learn Spirometry course.

Special Offer with Medikro Spirometer Purchase

LEMR EMR Integration Software 6 Month Subscription and Installation
Learn Spiromerty Online Course

Free 6 month LEMR subscription and installation

LEMR is the solution that easily integrates your primary care devices such as ECGs and Spirometers into your EMR. Test results and patient details are automatically saved within your EMR program.

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Bonus Online Spirometry Course

Valued at $500 + 30 PRPD Points

Learn Spirometry equips health professionals with the skills required to conduct and interpret spirometry as well as identify poor quality spirometry and implement QA programs to achieve accurate results.
Apply good spirometry testing practice in accordance with international guidelines.
Identify and overcome instrument and patient-related problems interpret results

Completion of 8 modules, all resources and assignments: 10 CPD hours
The Online Spirometry Course – Spirometry Training Professionals = 30PRPD Points




Provides security in infection control. No exhaled air gets into the pressure tube or the device.
Economical priced mouthpieces!
Lowest ongoing costs!


“In the Spirometry market, the Medikro Spirometer is a stand out.
It has several key features including

  • Advanced Spirometry software – giving accurate patient details for the clinic
  • Fully compliant and meets ERS and ATS guidelines
  • It’s simple to use – easy to train all staff
  • Affordable price – quality product without breaking the bank
  • Lifetime warranty – you don’t get much of that these days

If you are in the market for a new Spirometer or want to start up Spirometry in your clinic, the Medikro is the product for you”

Steve Walsh
Sales Representative – Melbourne

Medicare Benefits Schedule Item Numbers

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Measurement of spirometry, that:
(a) involves a permanently recorded tracing, performed before and after inhalation of a bronchodilator; and
(b) is performed to confirm diagnosis of:
(i) asthma; or
(ii) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); or
(iii) another cause of airflow limitation;
each occasion at which 3 or more recordings are made applicable only once in any 12 month period

Fee $42.80


Measurement of spirometry, that:
(a) involves a permanently recorded tracing, performed before and after inhalation of a bronchodilator; and
(b) is performed to:
(i) confirm diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);or
(ii) assess acute exacerbations of asthma;or
(iii) monitor asthma and COPD; or
̣(iv) assess other causes of obstructive lung disease or the presence of restrictive lung disease;
each occasion at which recordings are made

Fee $21.40


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