As its name would suggest, the common cold is quite prevalent year-round. To combat it is not easy, as there is no real cure available, but there are nonetheless means to avoid getting sick. The cooler months of autumn and winter are the peak season for sickness, so we at Team Med have compiled a few pointers to help you manage this (very inconvenient) virus.

Avoiding the cold

Differentiating between the common cold and cold weather is an important first step. Although your mother might have told you to wear a jacket when it’s cold out to avoid catching a cold, it’s not in fact the lower temperature which causes the virus. Because people tend to congregate more when the weather is cooler, it is this closeness that results in more people getting sick – more hugging, more handshakes and more pats on the back will invariably lead to more germs being exchanged.

To mitigate this contact, wash your hands as much as possible, particularly when shaking hands. It’s also a good idea to avoid touching your nose and eyes, as these are the easiest points of entry for germs.

Stuck with the cold?

If you end up get the cold, all is not lost. Fortunately, there are several ways that can speed up the recovery process. A good diet and exercise is the first step to aiding recovery – a diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables can help boost the immune system, as does regular exercise.

It’s also highly beneficial to get good sleep. Sleep is important normally, but when suffering an illness sleep is extra important. A tired body will decrease the fighting power of your immune system, which leads to sicknesses lasting much longer than they need to. Making the time to get a good night’s sleep is very much an investment!

For those with the cold, make sure you don’t spread it – instead of sneezing into your hand (which is one of the big ways the virus spreads), sneeze into the crux of your elbow instead.

Have yourself a healthy winter

Keeping some of these in mind can save you several days off of work and many boxes of tissues, so make sure to stay aware during the cooler months. If you have any questions about the cold, or products that can help manage the virus, make sure to get in touch with Team Med today.