For those that have experienced the pain of an ingrown toenail, just the thought of this can be quite a sensitive topic. Ingrown nails occur at the corners of the toenail, often on the big toe, as it slowly grows into the skin. One body part growing into the other is as problematic as it sounds. Inflammation, pain and possibly infection can quickly follow.

It can also cause discolouration and bruising under the nail that lasts even after it’s been treated. You won’t have to go searching to check for an ingrown nail; it’ll let you know until it becomes unbearable with each step. There are multiple causes of ingrown toenails, including improper trimming, physical trauma, tight footwear and heredity reasons. These causes can mainly be prevented, except for the last one, which leaves some people prone to their nails growing into their skin.

For these people, the shape and nature of the nail root and adjacent skin make ingrown toenails a common part of their life. Particular podiatry supplies can assist their skin and nails in growing functionally and harmoniously together. With no signs of infections, you can take care of your nailbeds, nails and the skin around them.

In this article, Team Medical Supplies will explore how to properly treat ingrown nails, along with the equipment you should use.

Ingrown nail nipper

Proper trimming is a great approach to preventing ingrown toenails. There are times when we get it wrong though, or when we leave trimming a little too late. When this happens, the trajectory of our nail growth may have already collided with our skin. Podiatrists recommend a set of nail trimmers designed to trim the corners of a nail that’s growing into toe skin. Ingrown nail nippers are extremely helpful for those with ingrown toenails and the pain that they bring because of their precision.

You can find these podiatry supplies online and they’re also a great tool to add to your grooming routine. You can use nail nippersto prevent the toenails from growing into the skin. Podiatrists recommend individuals trim the nail straight across rather than curving the nail and leaving a sharp edge. Try to keep the nail short and trimmed regularly so they remain easy to trim.

Softening creams

Feet build defences against the hard surfaces they routinely encounter by thickening and hardening. This is okay for the bottom parts of our feet, though it can be important to tend to them occasionally, so they don’t get too hard and crack. For the top of our feet and particularly our toes and nail beds, this can be a bigger problem. Keeping the skin soft on your toes and around your toenails can help prevent ingrown nails.

Softening this skin allows you to reach the area of the nail that may grow into the skin and prevent an ingrown nail. If an ingrown nail has already occurred, softening the skin will allow you to trim the edge of the nail appropriately and remediate the ingrown. We have Australian podiatry supplies and softening creams recommended by podiatrists to prevent ingrown toenails. Use foot balm regularly to keep your skin healthy and soft to put you in the best position to combat ingrown toenails.

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