From fighting off the common cold to protecting your body from infections and bacteria, the immune system is a remarkable aspect of the human body. However, as with all systems, your immune system can sometimes let you down. This is an unavoidable part of life. For your immune system to work to its full potential, you need to give it the best chance at functioning harmoniously and in balance with the rest of your body. Looking after yourself physically and mentally and eating the right foods can help to boost your immune system, especially when the common cold and flu season are prevalent.

Here at Team Med, we’ve compiled a list of tips that you can follow that can help strengthen immunity.

Stay Active

It can be difficult to find the motivation to get out of the warm confines of your home to exercise while it’s raining outside. Maintaining an active lifestyle can help your immune system, and the rest of your body function healthily.


Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Including plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet is an important factor if you’re looking to help your immune system with foods rich in Zinc and vitamins A, C and E being particularly useful. Think dark leafy greens and carrots for vitamin A, citrus fruits, tomatoes and avocadoes for vitamin C, nuts, broccoli and spinach for vitamin E and oysters, red meat, eggs, beans and pumpkin seeds to get a healthy dose of Zinc.


Stay Hydrated

A significant percentage of your body is made up of water, so keeping on top of your water intake can benefit you in many ways. From helping you maintain good oral health, aiding in digestion and preventing dehydration. Aiming to drink 2 litres per day is a good way to help prevent dehydration and other ill health effects.


Practice Good Hygiene

Ensure you’re practicing good hygiene, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats and seafood thoroughly.


There is no magical superfood that can give your immune system complete protection, however keeping some of these tips in mind can help strengthen immunity. Getting sick from time to time happens to everyone, and it can even help your immune system as it learns how to protect your body from future infections. If you do get catch a common cold or flu, it’s important to understand that it’s ok to get sick and give your body the proper rest it needs.

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