If you or a loved one have been through the medical system for any period of time, you will be very aware of how quickly paying for little things can add up. There are a host of things that you might have to pay out of your own pocket for.

From medical examinations and tests to medical supplies needed for treatment. All of these necessary things stack up, though, and the total figure at the end of everything can be pretty astonishing.


Thankfully, there are many instances where you can deduct medical expenses on your taxes that can help you claim back some of that cash. This post will look through how you can claim your medical supplies on your tax, so that you can cut that daunting number down to a more manageable, bite size chunk.


Are You Eligible?

Being able to claim medical supplies on your tax returns requires a degree of eligibility. Expenses are now only available to taxpayers that have paid for disability aids, attendant care or aged care. Below is a breakdown of the three categories and what they consist of.


Disability Aids

A disability aid is an item that is designed and manufactured with the intent to improve and help a diminished function in an individual. It cannot be an everyday item or commercial appliance, but a specific item designed for the purpose of aid. Examples include hearing aids and wheelchairs.


Attendant Care

You can deduct any costs incurred in attendant care on your taxes. This includes any services or individual help that has been used to provide living assistance for an individual with a disability. Examples could include social workers, home nurses, domestic services and general home maintenance.


Aged Care Expenses

Any aged care expense that pertains to a service or accommodation that is either a care recipient or continuing care recipient. The services or accommodation must be provided by an approved provider.


What You Need

If you are eligible, then you will need to have the correct information at hand so that you can claim your medical supplies. This would include any details of your expenses paid that relate to the above categories. You may also need any details relating to refunds of any expenses that you have already received from your insurer. Finally, you will need to provide your net total of expenses that you have paid into the above categories. For more information about claiming your medical supplies on tax, browse the Australian Tax Office website here: https://www.ato.gov.au/.