Nebulisation is the conversion of liquid medicine into a mist inside a medical device. Nebuliser machines consist of this liquid medicine in a canister with a compressor and mouthpiece. The mist is breathable, which means patients can easily inhale their medicine simply by breathing. They’re powerful devices because of the ease of administering medicine to patients who may be in physically demanding conditions and unable to ingest medicine. They can also administer the medicine directly to the source of respiratory problems and rapidly enter the bloodstream.

Disrupted breathing can be a source of anxiety, which can quickly turn into panic attacks when throats are restricted with asthma or other breathing conditions. In these times, it’s appropriate to administer preventative or treatment medicines regularly, and nebulisers are one of the most trusted sources of treatment. Team Medical Supplies has many nebulisers for sale, Australia-wide, and customers rely on our expertise with these beneficial devices. Here, we explore how exactly nebulisation works to provide medicine rapidly by turning liquid medicine into a breathable mist.

How does nebulisation work?

Nebulisers store liquid medicine in their canisters, and this can be a variety of different solutions that treat different conditions. Nebulisers use a compressor device that forces oxygen or air through the liquid medicine when the device is operated by the user. This oxygen transforms the liquid into an airborne mist with particles that are fine enough to be inhaled into the lungs.

Patients wear a nebuliser mask attached to a tube that connects to the nebuliser machine. When the liquid turns to mist, patients can breathe in from the nebuliser to absorb the medicine. It’s a much easier way to administer medicine to most patients, especially children who may be averse to other forms of ingestion methods of medication intake. However, nebulisation has another crucial benefit. As the medicine enters through the lungs, it enters the bloodstream rapidly and provides relief as soon as possible.

The nebuliser machine has made major transformations due to technological advancements and is now quiet and accessible to nearly everyone. This can help make them comfortable for children and elderly patients who may be scared or put off by loud and cumbersome medical equipment. Patients suffering from asthma, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, and many other conditions typically receive instant relief from nebulisers. For other respiratory conditions, nebulisers may be a consistent part of their treatment as they can provide a reliable source of oxygen into their lungs and body.

Nebuliser machines

The ability to breathe deeply without concern is critical to a healthy life, but some patients require assistance to breathe effectively. Nebulisers support easy inhalation and medicine administration, often issues preventing a healthy breathing pattern. This can mean when patients are in need of breathing assistance, they require urgent aid through the form of breathable medication. Nebuliser machines are the tool that can immediately assist them in safe and healthy breathing.

Whether you manage a local medical centre, clinic, or city hospital, it is essential to buy nebuliser machines from trusted suppliers to provide your patients with the best care available. Team Medical Supplies has the highest standard nebulisers for sale and is a one-stop for medical centres to buy nebulisers around Australia. We store affordable nebulisers with appropriate accessories in various styles and sizes to match your needs and preferences.

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