Purchasing medical supplies is a bit different to ordering other goods from wholesalers. Whether it is in bulk, or simply specialised equipment not found elsewhere, you need to know that what you are bringing into your clinic, practise, or hospital is of the most reliable quality, to ensure those in your care receive nothing but the best. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of online market places, fraudsters and ill-natured vendors have cropped up in every industry, elevating the likelihood of purchasing insufficient goods.

In this blog, the experts at Team Med share some helpful hints to remember when buying medical supplies.

Conduct Adequate Research

Research is everything. Before you even go searching for individual medical supplies, you need to know that the person you are purchasing from is trustworthy. It might be hard to discern between those who are offering genuine products and those with the intent to make fast money, but there are a few indicators for who you can trust.

  • Begin by reading the reviews of other customers. If the supplies are of mentionable quality, likely someone will have said something. Moreover, if they are of terrible quality, someone will have definitely found a way to vent their dissatisfaction.
  • Search for any client testimonials. Many companies go to their long standing customers or clients and ask them to prepare a small snippet of their experience working together. It is like a review, only more, as these outside parties are attesting their name to promote this business.
  • Look to how past employees have expressed their time working there. This will give you some valuable insight into the reliability of whatever it is you are going to purchase.

Check Pricing

We all want to save money. From hospitals making ground breaking discoveries, to small local practises with only a few appointments a day, there is no sense in spending more than you have to for medical supplies. It is often why many medical professionals shop online, as these vendors do not have the same overhead costs as physical stores. If, however, you come across an online store offering similar products to other business, yet for drastically cheaper prices, it always pays to take a moment’s pause.

Ask yourself, why are they so cheap? What have they done differently? Odds are they aren’t giving you discounts out of the goodness of their hearts. It is more likely they are either hustling inferior supplies, or simply running a scam that prays on those searching for a bargain. It may end up costing you a little more shopping with a more reputable wholesaler, but at least you can have the peace of mind knowing you will be receiving adequate supplies.

Range Diversity

The range of what a wholesaler is offering can tell you a lot. If someone is selling an assortment of unrelated goods, such as surgery essentials alongside inflatable pool toys, it is probably a safe bet that you are not dealing with industry leading professionals. You want to look for vendors that specialise in the industry and realise the good products from the bad. They will hopefully break down their range into categories, having refined their service of years of success to better serve you, the customer. Only then can you be sure you are bringing medical supplies of notable worth into your establishment.

Trust the Experts

If you are looking for a reliable wholesaler of medical supplies, Team Med has extensive range available for you to browse. Call us today to learn more.