Most, if not all, professionals in the medical industry will agree that keeping up to date with the latest medical advancements will result in better care.

What was once unimaginable is now a reality for doctors and medical staff; we can now print our own organs, use bionic limbs and perform successful face transplants – and we’re still advancing! The innovative additions in the industry have forever changed how medical professionals care for their patients for the better, and there is now a new way to help diagnose skin abnormalities.

DermEngine is a revolutionary advancement in the dermatology and skin analysis sector, and will improve how doctors assess the skin of their patients. Combining digital healthcare and mobile technology, DermEngine is designed to help doctors in regularly performing skin screens and skin cancer detection. No more relying on basic magnifiers, blurry images and the naked eye – this is the only comprehensive mobile imagining suite you will need.

The reality of skin cancer in Australia

Australia is known for hot and sunny summers, beaches, barbeques and outdoor sports. Unfortunately, lifestyle choices and other factors also make the country widely known for skin cancer as well.

Australia has one of the highest incidences of skin cancer in the world with 2 in 3 Australians being diagnosed by the time they are 70. The numbers are confronting, with skin cancers making up 80% of newly diagnosed cancers, with majority of these cases being caused by sun exposure. With GPs attending over 1 million patient consultations each year for skin cancer related issues, it’s clear this is an aspect that needs further attention and care.

Focussing on patients, not processes

DermEngine was created to assist doctors in providing in-depth, quick results without focussing on exhausting processes. Using the one tool, you can now benefit from dermoscopy, documentation and simple communication – all without complicated set up and maintenance requirements. Basically, capturing, documenting and diagnosing can now be completed in minutes, while knowing doctors are being as accurate as possible.

While this in itself is pretty impressive, you’re sure to get excited about the many features that the DermEngine provides.

Key features

There are numerous features that will make DermEngine a welcome addition to your practice, with benefits for both medical professionals and the patients themselves. Here we’ll explore just a few.

Refer patients internally and externally – The purpose of skin checks is to give patients an accurate diagnosis of their skin concerns, and sometimes to do this you will need the help of others in the medical field. With this solution, you have access to other physicians within the system and have the ability to refer a case, whether to another GP, a dermatologist or pathology lab. This is great for GPs who are looking for a second opinion and it can ensure faster results and gives patients that extra peace of mind.

Completely secure – Of course, one of the biggest concerns when it comes to patient care is protection of their personal data. Medical staff can rest easy knowing they are using a secure encrypted platform that is HIPAA compliant. The patient information, images and diagnosis is only available to a patient and their doctor.

Advanced search function – As the primary goal is ease of use, the platform includes an advanced search function that makes locating images quick and easy. This is going to be helpful not only in consultations but also when teaching students or doing a presentation for co-workers. There are a number of ways to search: for example, you can go by lesion, diagnosis, body location, or particular patient information such as name.

Work seamlessly while on the go – With secure cross-platform access you can get the perks of the DermEngine platform anywhere and anytime on your desktop, smartphone, tablet, TV or laptop.

Compatibility is not an issue – The platform is compatible with all leading dermoscopes that are currently on the market, including the popular MoleScope.

Full body imaging made easy – The template guided procedure helps you capture images that are then uploaded and stored securely in the cloud, on the platform and your own database. Modes within the platform will then help you easily identify new or changing legions.

If you are interested in the full list of features available with DermEngine, and would like to find out more information on how this platform is helping medical professionals revolutionise the way they are analysing dermoscopic images, please get in touch with the team at Team Medical Supplies by emailing info@teammed.com.au or calling 1300 22 44 50.