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Please check your email inbox. We have sent you an email confirming your new login username and password.

Capital Medical Supplies and Team Medical Supplies have recently formed an exciting new partnership.

Capital Medical Supplies is now working with Team Medical to provide a better customer experience with more offerings. As partners, we are sharing our resources and moving online ordering from the Capital Medical Supplies Website to Team Medical’s industry-leading website. 

You will find that the Team Medical website offers a greater range of products and a user-friendly online account experience. Moving forward, you’ll also be able to view your previous invoices and statements, access your purchase history, track your orders and make secure payments online.

We’ve included below some useful tips for ordering online. If you have any questions, our team is here to help; get in contact by calling 02 6241 5511 or emailing info@capitalmedicalsupplies.com.au

Staying Local

Your local ACT team are still here to look after you.  All orders will continue to be processed from the Capital Medical Supplies Warehouse in Canberra.

Getting in contact with Customer Service
When contacting Customer Service, you may not reach Mark, Josh or Yana. The kind, fun and knowledgeable Customer Service Team at Team Medical will assist with customer orders and enquiries. You will get to know them over time and if needed they can easily transfer your call to Mark, Josh or Yana. We are confident that the Team Medical Team can assist with most enquiries quickly and efficiently.

We are confident that this new partnership with Team Medical Supplies will strengthen our service offerings. 

Ordering Online - Getting Started

Making a purchase is similar to most websites. Find your product(s) by using the search bar or browsing the product catalogue, add to the cart and follow the checkout process.

To help you get started, we’ve loaded your product purchase history since July 2022. To find this login, then from the My Account Menu select Purchase History. 

Please note: when placing an order you will find that the majority of products are the same as today. Where the products you normally purchase are no longer available, you will be offered a suitable alternative of equal or better quality. In general, you will find that a wider range of products will now be available to you.

Click here to login

Remember, if at any stage you need help give us a call on 02 6241 5511.

The basics of using your new online customer portal

Click on any of the boxes below for more info on website features and functionality

To login head to the login page.

Please check your email inbox. We have sent you an email confirming your new login username and password.

Not sure what your login details are give us a call.

The easiest way to find products is by using the search bar at the top of the page.

You can also browse our product range under the shop option on the main menu.

Note: Some products can only be seen once you are logged in. We recommend making logging in the first step when visiting our website.

If you can’t find a product give us a call on 03 6273 1091, if you don’t have it we can likely source it for you or offer a suitable alternative.

Your Account Dashboard will be the first thing you see once logged in. It’s the hub for all things related to your account including:

  • Order Forms
  • Purchase History
  • Invoice & Credit Notes
  • Statements
  • Online Payments
  • Orders Status and Tracking
  • Back Orders

It will also display additional information such as your addresses and account balances. If you need to update your details at any stage, click on the update account details button located at the bottom of the page.

You can return to your my account dashboard at any stage by clicking on the My Account option on the main menu.

Order forms are a great way to centralise the products you purchase into one easy-to-use form.

To find your order forms click on the Order Forms option on the Main Menu or from your My Account Menu.

You can create as many forms as you need for your practice, for example, you could make a washroom or treatment room order form.

Click here to learn how to create and manage order forms.

View your recent purchase history by selecting Purchase History from the My Account menu.

The purchase history page will show all the products you have purchased since July 1, 2022. For products purchased in the last 6 months, the quantity purchased per month will also be displayed.

There are a few functions you may find helpful on this page:

  • Purchase History Search: Under the Purchase History header, you will find a search bar, use this bar to exclusively search your purchase history
  • Purchase History Download: on the top right of the page you will find an Export to CSV button, click on this to generate a CSV file that mirrors the information on the page
  • Add to cart: Find the product you wish to purchase, on the right you will a qty column, enter the quantity you wish to purchase then click on the add button to add to your shopping cart

You can view your shopping cart at any stage. Simply click on the My Cart Button located on the top right above the menu bar.

Removing products from your cart
To completely remove products from your shopping cart, find the product in the shopping cart table, then click on the remove hyperlink on the right.
Updating products quantities
To update product quantities, find the product in the shopping cart table, type the new quantity you wish to order in the qty field. Then hit the update quantities button at the bottom of the page.

The checkout process is similar to most online stores.

From the View Cart Page click on the Checkout Button on the bottom right of the page.

On the next page, complete the checkout details e.g. contact name, and purchase order number. Then hit the next button. 

On the next page, tick the box to confirm you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

When you’re ready click on the submit order button. 

Tip: Double-check your delivery address, products and order volumes before hitting the submit order button.

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