Capital Medical Supplies and Team Medical Supplies have recently formed an exciting new partnership.

Capital Medical Supplies is now working with Team Medical to provide a better customer experience with more offerings.

Together, we’re taking our healthcare solutions to a whole new level!

With this collaboration, we’re all about making sure healthcare professionals have easy access to high-quality medical products and services. Whether it’s hospitals, clinics, or private practices, we’re here to supply the goods you need to deliver the best care possible to your patients.

Staying Local

Capital Medical Supplies local ACT team has joined our big family and continues to look after the valued customers they have been serving for years.

Together, we are embarking on a new chapter of growth and innovation. This partnership opens up exciting opportunities to explore new products, improve existing services, and elevate the standards of healthcare support we provide.

New Opportunities

Not only will this partnership benefit both of us, but it’s also a win for the entire healthcare community.

Patients will get even better care, and that’s what it’s all about, right?

We’re excited about the opportunities ahead, and we can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve together. Capital Medical Supplies is an incredible team to work with, and we know this collaboration will make a real difference in healthcare.

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