Hospitals have the sensitive task of ensuring they have all the equipment and tools in convenient locations for responsive applications, while also keeping the setting clean and sterile. This requires equipment specifically designed to balance efficiency with hygiene, and stainless steel medical trolleys are utilised within hospitals across Australia because they excel at this.

Stainless steel trolleys provide versatility, are used within various hospital settings because of their quality and highly resistant steel material. This diverse application of their material, coupled with manufacturing to various sizes, shapes and styles makes stainless steel medical trolleys a cornerstone of contemporary medical equipment. In this article, Team Medical Supplies explore how the benefits of these trolleys make them well-suited to five of the ways that hospitals utilise them each and every day.

Keeping sterile equipment on-hand

One of the leading priorities for hospitals to operate in an environment conducive to proper healing is maintaining sterile equipment. Naturally, there needs to be a method of both holding and transporting this equipment at a pace without the possibility of cross-contamination. Stainless steel trolleys are therefore most frequently utilised in hospital rooms to perform this function for sterile equipment. The stainless steel material rejects liquids, rather than absorbing them, so maintaining sterility and hygiene is easy with a simple clean.

They’re also constructed with an electro-polishing finish, which means they have a shiny appearance, and healthcare staff can easily identify spillages that have occurred, decreasing the opportunity for contamination.

Areas that need frequent cleaning

Stainless steel is resistant to rust, so it can be rinsed and cleaned as often as required, which makes it an excellent material for areas that encounter spillages or come into contact with other materials more frequently.

This resistance to corrosion makes them suitable for surgery studios, emergency rooms and dentist operations, among many other fast-paced hospital facilities that are cleaned and sterilised on a regular schedule.

Holding heavy devices

Stainless steel medical trolleys also have a high tensile strength, which means they can hold not just hand-held equipment, but objects much heavier than their weight. For hospitals, this makes them extremely valuable as they can hold large, heavy and expensive medical machinery and devices in a sterile setting.

Healthcare staff can store this equipment on the trolleys long-term and wheel the trolley to the location in which they need the device as appropriate. They can then wheel the trolley into the corner or storage area when not in use, better utilising the available space to practice medicine.

Organising equipment and devices

Staying organised is another priority for hospitals, as the urgency and sensitivity of hospital situations often require responsive and appropriate action. Knowing where to locate the equipment needed at the right time is crucial to helping patients efficiently without cross-contaminating equipment.

Stainless steel trolleys are used to categorise types of equipment by storing related tools together on each trolley. When doctors and nurses require a group of equipment they immediately know exactly where to find them. When equipment is not in use, trolleys can be stored and wheeled away to organise rooms and areas and maximise the space available.

Laboratory processes

Hospitals with labs to perform tests and analyse results often use stainless steel trolleys because of the flexibility and hygiene they provide. Staff need to move around labs efficiently to use different devices and equipment while maintaining a sterilised and organised work area. Storing their test equipment on a stainless steel trolley allows them to take their work to the appropriate location and machinery, maintaining an efficient and orderly process.

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