One of the most important factors in effective medical treatment is providing a fast response. In an emergency or unexpected situation, whether it’s a medical clinic, hospital or aged care home, there isn’t much time to search for the right equipment. Having a fully stocked first aid kit on hand could be what saves your patient. There are all kinds of essential items for first aid kits, depending on your industry’s needs, but there are some items no kit should be without.

Disposable Gloves

Treating wounds is a risky business. For your own safety and the safety of your patient, you should always put on disposable gloves before beginning any treatment. It will prevent open wounds from becoming infected by germs or bacteria on your hands and protect you from potential infections present in the patient’s wound.

Antiseptic Solution

Open wounds can pick up germs and bacteria faster than you’ll be able to treat them. Cuts, grazes and other bleeding injuries will need cleaning before you make any other progress on treatment. An antiseptic solution or spray will greatly reduce the risk of infection and be useful in cleaning tools before you use them.

Band-Aids & Dressings

Most first aid instances require bandages of some kind, so keeping an array of shapes, sizes and uses in your first aid kit is paramount. It’s also important to be prepared for different skin types or allergies, for example kids tend to have very sensitive skin and some people are allergic to certain adhesives.

Scissors or Bandage Shears

Not all wounds are created equal. To effectively cover a wound of any shape or size, it’s helpful to have a pair of bandage shears on hand.

First Aid Manual

While you would expect all people in a medical practice to have first aid training, it’s always better to be over prepared than under. It could be a case of nerves, or a non-medically trained first responder assisting. Keeping a first aid manual in your kit will ensure correct techniques are administered in every situation.

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