In the medical world, free time seems to be an ever-fleeting fantasy. With the incredibly long hours, small breaks and frenetic nature of a medical practice, being pressed for time is a constant.

The advent of technology has helped, but any free time gained gets soaked right back up somewhere else. To help combat this, there are steps that you can take that will boost your productivity and, as a result, free up some of that ever-elusive time. From understanding your workflow to bringing in face-to-face meetings, here are four tips that can help make your practice more productive.


Know Your Flow

In order to make progress with your productivity in the practice, you need to know how things are currently going. Analyse all of your processes in the office, watch your paper flows and see for yourself how the work is getting done. From here, you can consider where things may be bottlenecking or slowing down.

Delegate Effectively

It is important to know your colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses, because it lets you delegate effectively. Knowing competencies and availability will help you delegate tasks across the practice much better, and it will also remove the potential situation of a physician filing documents. One of the best methods of effectively delegating is getting everyone up to standard. This can be done through cross-training and coaching, which will create more flexible staff.

Keep Morale Up

The mood and culture that you find in a practice will be reflected in the work being done. The best type of culture to nurture is a hardworking, upbeat one. Medical settings are stressful at the best of times, so use incentives such as achievements and rewards to keep the morale positive.

Stay In Touch Regularly

Knowing what is happening on the ground is vital to making good decisions for the practice. It also boosts productivity, as it lets you know where issues are arising. Regular meetings are effective for this, as everyone gets an opportunity to touch base and raise any concerns.

Your Path To A More Productive Practice

These tips are all really great ways to boost your productivity in the practice, and results are noticeable after a matter of days. The key takeaway is to know your office, know your staff and know your shortfalls. With all of that information, you can get to work on improving the nature of your business.