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Giving Back

Here at Team and BP Medical, we want to have a positive impact on the world. To maximise our contribution to the global community we have partnered with B1G1 - Business for Good. By doing business with Team and BP Medical you are supporting a business that is committed to giving back. By working together, we can all help make this world a better place. 
“By supporting Team and BP Medical, you are helping make a difference in the world.”

Giving Stories

Our giving stories are created by our people, they decide which of the 500+ B1G1 Causes we support. Every cent donated contributes to the positive impacts created by the B1G1 Business Community. Have a read below at how our specific business processes trigger giving impacts.

Company Giving Stories

These are the projects that Team Medical has decided to donate to based on company triggers that affect the whole business and occur on a daily basis.

Department Giving Stories

These are the projects that our various departments within Team have chosen to donate to based on daily triggers that affect their departments. These will change from time to time depending on what the departments want to donate to and what their most relevant triggers are.

Give a little more with Team Medical and bpositive 

For every bpositive product purchased, you help to feed an orphaned koala joey at Australia’s busiest koala hospital - the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital  
This is on top of the amazing  Buy1Help1 initiative from bpositive that supports 
education, environment and preventative health causes.


For every Influenza vaccine purchased, we provide a day of clean water for a person in the world.

How are we doing? Keep scrolling to see how we are giving back…

This map shows where we are helping around the world

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