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Benefits for your patients

NeedleCalm™ is a single-use adhesive pad designed to promote comfort and minimise the perception of pain associated with needle related procedures.

• Venepuncture including pathology collection & IV cannulae insertion.
• Intramuscular and subcutaneous injections
• Cosmetic injections
• Immunisations

How does Needlecalm Work?

NeedleCalm is secured to the patient’s skin no more than 5cm above the anticipated site of the needle immediately prior to the procedure.

The device applies light pressure and a mild cooling sensation to stimulate the skin at the injection site.

Based on the gate control theory of pain, the sensation produced by NeedleCalm on the skin blocks the flow of pain signals to the brain.

Bring calm, comfort and ease to your needle-related procedures with NeedleCalm:

·       Developed by nurses

·       Medication free

·       Suitable for children and adults

·       For use on multiple injection sites

·       Use immediately prior to needle insertion eliminating the need for lengthy waiting times

·       When refrigerated prior to use, clinical studies show that a combination of cooling and blunt skin contacts points creates an additive effect in activating gate control.

·       A more cost-effective solution when compared with other pain management solutions.



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